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Individual, family or larger lots for in ground burial are available for your use in Oakland Cemetery. Wall crypts, lawn crypts and cremation niches in the Garden Mausoleum are also available. It is very important to plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements, not only for yourself, but also for your family and loved ones. Please call or stop at the cemetery main office for more information on prices and availability of sites.

Niches - Cremation $1800.00 & Up
Wall Crypts $2495.00 & Up
Lawn Crypts $3690.00
Single Graves $1900.00 & Up
Double Grave Lots $3800.00 & Up
Monument Lots (2 Graves) $5700.00 & Up
Monument Lots (4 and Up) $9500.00 & Up
Vases - In Ground
Vases - Crypts
Markers $1208.26 & Up
Monuments $3200.00 & Up



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