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The Midwest’s Oldest Cemetery

Actively Operating with Beautiful Sites Available

Founded in 1853 historic Oakland Cemetery was created to serve as the primary non-denominational cemetery in the city of St. Paul. Just minutes from downtown, it is the final resting place of such notables as: Alexander Ramsey, Henry H. Sibley, Amherst H. Wilder and Harriet E. Bishop to name a few. Oakland Cemetery was designed to be a park-like atmosphere with groves of trees, convenient paths and accessible roads. Since it’s inception, over 50,000 persons representing all aspects of of St. Paul’s life and history have been laid to rest within the cemetery’s beautiful 100 acre grounds. With such key features as the St. Paul Firefighters memorial, Soldier’s Rest and the granite stone built chapel, Oakland Cemetery is a celebration of history and the people of St. Paul.

Today Oakland Cemetery’s stunning wooded grounds, rolling landscape and rich textural monuments continue to make it a very desirable and peaceful resting place. Now new generations of St. Paul’s non-denominational communities are finding their final resting places at Oakland Cemetery.


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