Endowment Campaign

Revenue for the maintenance of the lots and grounds has always been a concern of the trustees. In 1869, a permanent care fund was established with voluntary contributions. Twenty percent of lot sales revenue has regularly been added to this endowment fund but the income from it has not been sufficient to meet maintenance expenses. In 1853, a lot sold for $3.15 and produced 5 cents of income for upkeep. Even at today's rates, a sale only provides about $4 of income from this fund and voluntary contributions from the public are still required to meet annual maintenance costs.

In recent years it has been the generous gifts of donors that have made a critical difference in balancing the cemetery's $500,000 operating budget. However, despite these continuing annual contributions, it is clear that the cost of maintaining the grounds in first-rate conditiion is estimated to increase much more quickly than future revenues.

The Board of Trustees has therefore decided to begin a fundraising campaign to a develop $1.5 million endowment fund. This new fund will be administered by the St. Paul Foundation for the benefit of Oakland Cemetery. Annual disbursements from the fund, will be used to underwrite necessary improvements to the cemetery.

Making a Contribution

The Board of Trustees hopes you will consider making a substantial gift to this new endowment, which is designed to preserve for future generations of St. Paul residents the high quality of the cemetery's grounds and services.

To make a gift to the Oakland Cemetery Endowment Campaign, please email your requests to: endowments@oaklandcemeterymn.com

If you have questions, or wish to recommend someone to receive our Endowment Campaign materials, contact the Oakland Cemetery Association.